7 tips for managing your social networks

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If you are starting your project or business, surely you have thought about using social networks to make it known. At Insodia we often see small businesses on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram that try to promote themselves at a very low cost but lack training on how to use and publish on social networks.

Social Media Management

From here we want to help all those people to manage their social networks in a more professional way and help them to get new customers, followers, and increase engagement.

(Engagement is the interaction that your followers have with your publications, you can also call it trust or loyalty if you understand it better).

Careful spelling

Keep in mind that you are not in your personal social network, the image you transmit with your publications must be impeccable so as not to generate distrust in your followers.
Use the spell checker integrated in your Internet browser, or, if you do not have it, use an office word processor to help you with all the possible errors in the text.

Always address your social media audience in the same tone

You must be very clear about what type of followers you have and how they expect you to address them. If your business is more informal you can address them as “Mr”, however, if you are addressing people in high positions, companies and others you should treat them in a more formal way, using “Sir” as a base.

Accompany your publications with quality images

Nowadays social networks are dominated by images, and if your publication does not include one, it will stand out less from the crowd and will make it less visible.

Take advantage of these images to promote your products or services and try to take care of their quality. You don’t need a professional camera, just use your cell phone, clean the camera using your own clothes, try to get as much light as possible in the picture and try not to use creative filters on them. (You can adjust brightness and/or contrast, or use the automatic enhancement of the cell phone.

Use emojis and hashtags in moderation

The use of emojis and hashtags in social networks is widespread, however, using them without sense in your publications can scare away your followers.

Try to use emojis related to the sentence you are writing, and above all, do not replace words like car (🚗) or house (🏠) written with emojis, as they can make reading difficult.

Reply to everyone

One of the most recurrent mistakes is to answer only to those people who show their support or admiration. for us, however, to answer some yes and no to others can make your customers waryand even give the reason to the person who posts a comment or opinion against us.
Take advantage of those comments and answer them, this will help you generate more trust in your followers and somehow “neutralize” those negative comments.

Do not neglect your social networks

Consistency is a very important point in social networks, and your absence can cause your followers to start following other similar profiles and those who come to your profile for the first time will get a bad impression when they see that you do not publish anything.
Try to make a publication in your social networks on a regular basis, it is not necessary to publish daily (although that would be great) but if you make publications every week or every two weeks. (And by the way, check the interactions with your followers).

Generate interaction with your followers

This is the most important point of any social network, and your efforts are useless if you do not receive feedback from your followers. Take advantage of the end of your publications to ask them simple questions, or create surveys using the different options available on social networks.

What about you? Were you already using all these tricks in your social networks? If you still need any more tips, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you want us to take care of the social media management of your project, just contact us and we will inform you without obligation.

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